Fyne fish offer a huge variety of fresh fish & seafood, caught as local as the Solway firth, or as far afield as the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. We get deliveries everyday to ensure that only the freshest produce is available for our customers.

All suppliers are MCS approved ensuring that our produce are caught in a sustainable manner from a sustainable environment.


As well as the commonly known fish, such as Cod, Haddock, Tuna, Salmon & prawns. Fyne fish like to offer our customers something that little bit special. Marlin, Snapper, shark, Monkfish, swordfish, Hake, Scallops, Razor clams, live lobsters, and Oysters are common place on our wet fish slab. Infact there can be up to 47 different varieties to choose from.  

However..... not only do we offer you a huge choice of fish, but our friendly team can assist you with reciepe ideas and cooking tips too !

Solway firth wild salmon
Fyne fish wets fish counter
Fyne fish - Fresh herring
Fyne fish Wet fish counter
Cumbrian caught mackerel
Cumbrian caught cod
Fyne fish fresh fish counter
Cumbrian caught mackerel
Fresh plaice
Fyne fish Fresh fish slab
Fyne fish
John Heron Fyne fish
Cumbrian caught plaice