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Fyne fish are proud to be one of few venues in Cumbria offering freshly made Sushi & sashimi.

It was a natural development of the business, as we already offered Sashimi grade Tuna as standard. 


Sushi and Sashimi takeaway box meals and party platters are prepared by our own hands, onsite every Thursday.


The menu is re-freshed every 2-3 months, and a sushi special is available each week, encouraging those 'a little shy' to try somthing different !


Generally Sushi is simply thought of as 'raw fish'. This is far from the case. Sushi is the rice component of the dish, and this rice can be combined with cooked fish, marinated or cured fish, raw fish, meat, vegetables, or fruit.


At Fyne fish we endevour to meet all taste requirements and therefore we offer a Raw option, a cooked/marinated option or a mixed option.








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