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Seafood Platters

A fyne fish seafood platter has become the talking point at many dinner parties over the years.


Prepared fresh to order, each of our platters are bespoke, built to suit your taste and budget.

Starting from £25, going up to anywhere between £100-£150, a seafood platter can be a romantic night in, part of a buffet or a feast for a house full.

To help we have a Seafood platter order form available instore. You simply need to tick your choice of seafood, let us know how many are eating, whether its part of a meal, a starter or the main meal. After discussing your budget, you can leave the rest to us.

We don't charge for our time, just the retail cost of all the seafood plus a £2.50 surcharge to cover the costs of the samphire, lemon and the disposable plastic platter.

A dressed lobster on a platter is a real treat, however this will obviously push the price up. Depending on the time of year, the current weather conditions and availability.

Fresh oysters are available to compliment your platter however must be served on their own individual platter alongside.

To order a seafood platter its best to pop in to discuss your needs, or telephone us directly.

Seafood platter orders are not taken via email or social media.

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