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Available on the Fresh Fish Counter

Cod - loin & tails

Haddock fillets

Smoked yellow cod

Smoked haddock - natural undyed

Kippers - North East Coast.

Hake fillets


lemon Sole

Dover sole


Wild Salmon - seasonal

Sea Bass fillets

Wild Solway Sea bass ( June-Oct )


Red Snapper

Tuna - sashimi grade



Skate wings



Mackerel - whole

Rainbow Trout - whole

Red mullet


Gilt head bream - whole

Fresh Squid




Lobsters - live

Fresh Mussels, Clams,  & Razor clams

Fresh Cockles & Winkles

​Fish Pie Mix

Butterflied sardines







Available on the Seafood Deli

Roll Mop Herrings

Sweet Pickled Herrings

Sweet & Spicy Herrings

Fresh Cold Water Prawns

King Prawns in Brine

Crayfish tails in Brine

Chillis stuffed with Tuna

Chillis stuffed with Anchovies

Oak Smoked Anchovies

Anchovies in Oil

Anchovies Oriental Style

Olives with Anchovies

Seafood salad in Oil

Octopus Salad

Sundried Tomatoes in Chilli Oil (Antipasta)

Assorted Mushrooms in Oil (Antipasta)

Spanish artichokes in oil

Roasted red Peppers

Prawn & Mandarin salad

Salmon & Potato salad

Mussel Salad Catalan style

Smoked Mussels

Oak Smoked salmon

Dressed Crabs

Boiled crabs

Whole boiled Lobster

Dressed Lobsters 1/2 or whole

Armand Luxury Seafood Terrines

Fyne fish Oak smoked salmon pate

Fyne fish Smoked mackerel & horseradish pate

Spanish Semi-cured cooking Chorizo

Spanish Pancetta

Serrano Ham & Salami

Fresh Edible Seaweeds

Salted Sicilian capers

Wasabi Peas & Wasabi peanuts

Fresh Local Free Range Eggs

Fyne fish 'oven ready' fish pies





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