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Fyne fish are fortunate to have direct access (seasonal and weather dependant) to the native lobsters from the local waters of the Irish sea.


Trapped in pots, they arrive in the shop 'alive and kicking', so the opportunity for you to experience cooking and preparing your own lobster is available if you so wish.

ere are many different vather and size.

There are many different varieties of lobsters around the world, however the main two are the American and European lobster, the latter tending to be smaller in size. When alive lobsters can be a greeny- blue colour, only once cooked to they turn bright red.


Eating lobster has not always been considered a luxury. In America it wasn't until the mid 19th century when the population developed a love for the sweet tasting meat. Prior to then eating lobster was a sign of poverty ! Eaten by servants or the lower class only. In fact 'servants specified in employment contracts that they would not eat lobster more than twice per week' (Wikipedia).


Lobsters can live up to approx 60 years and could grow if allowed to a length of 1 metre ( I wouldn't have liked to try and put that one in the pot ! ). They live in crevices or burrows on the sea floor, eating live creatures such as fish, other crustaceans and mollusks and will turn to cannibalism in captivity. They are cold  blue blooded crustaceans, and told in 'Trevor Corson's book 'The secret life of lobsters' to be charming lovers, belligerent fighters and snoopy socialisers with a nose that let's it track prey and paramour alike with the skill of a bloodhound'.


Lobster meat is quite sweet, the quantity of the meat and it's taste depending on the age and sex of the lobster.

At Fyne fish we can supply you a live lobster, or if you prefer we will boil it for you, or for a small surcharge we can dress it and supply it beautifully dressed and decorated on a platter.

Lobster is fabulous served cold with fresh salad, with warm melted butter, or grilled with a creamy white wine sauce (Thermidor). You can use lobster meat in a risotto, a sandwich,  or served with pasta. The choice of recipes are endless !

Prices fluctuate, determined by season, weather and size.














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