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John Heron, born in Corbridge, originally from Prudhoe, John has been a resident of the lakes for the last 30 years, permanently for the last 16 years in Bolton Low houses.

John, husband of Co owner Sharon, Dad to Jack, has retired twice ! It didn’t work out.

After retiring from the family fruit & veg business in the North East, John moved to his holiday home, but soon came knocking on my door for a sales job to keep him occupied.

I was at that time involved in the advertising industry, I had a great team of sales reps, some lasted, some didn’t.

I remember interviewing John…..A smart arse Geordie gob shite ! ….,, we soon became best friends, and as they say the rest is history.

Over the years John has grafted to make Fyne fish what it is today. He is to blame entirely for Fyne fish opening in the first place, for fyne fish moving shops 3 times ! For our amazing relationship with @cranstons, for our shop at Cockermouth now being twice the size it was ! … my beautifully designed shop fitted kitchen being chopped in the middle and a new door way appearing ….

We love John, the whole team love John ! Our customers love to see John ! ….. I have turned away on many occasions when an old dear is flirting with him !

In the early days John was to be found behind the counter, opening and closing the shop everyday. He is missed these days by the team and customers, but allow me to remind you, our top man ( in-fact our only man ) turns 70 next year. Unbelievable to most of us, but it is the case.

So, John can be found every Saturday, rain or shine on Keswick market! Up at 6am, drags his beloved son out of bed, and off he goes. John takes care of all our weekly collections and deliveries, and on the 23rd of December every year… he can be found behind our Cranstons counter, serving while we play seafood platter catch up !

If your lucky, you make catch him on an odd day on shift covering holidays or major life events in either Cockermouth or behind our Penrith Cranstons counter.

John’s trying (but failing) to take life easier. The last two years has taken its toll on the team… he’s there ! He is always there.

So that was John !

Fyne fish’s founder ! The big Geordie lad, The fella that gives you all the wonderful recipes and cooking tips!

The guy who loves to talk … and up sell ! Him who will give you the best customer service ever possible…. who doesn’t suffer fools gladly and in the very same breath would quite happily pick a rare rude customer up by the scruff of the neck and plonk them outside the shop, rather than have his team disrespected.

He is our hero, and on rare occasions our largest liability ! But we love him for his liabilities ! That’s why Fyne fish exists as it does today!

Thanks John x

Sharon Heron,  formally Sharon Bell from Plumpton, Penrith. The co owner of Fyne Fish ( with husband John), now very rarely in Cockermouth, but takes charge of the Cranstons side of the business, and can be found most days at our Cranstons Butcher + Maker counter on Ullswater road Penrith.

Aged in my late forties, very happily married to hubby John, living in Bolton low houses with Jack our 11 year old son, and Springer Finn.

Where to start …. A natural workaholic, won’t do anything half hearted, and loves folk with a good sense of humour.

I don’t suffer fools gladly, recently joined Armathwaite Hall spa, which is my happy place ! … as long as I don’t have to make small talk In the outside hot tub

Love an aggressive game of tennis, swimming, sleeping, and a can or two of dark fruits !

Not much I haven’t experienced in life… previously married, divorced, home flooded, burgled and burnt down, all at different times of life. Love my family, remember those we have lost along the way and love those who make me laugh and make life fun !

Worked since I was about 7, worked for myself since I was 25. A previous university graduate, sports masseur to top Olympic athletes, health club manager, sold space (advertising) for 13 years then opened fyne fish 10 years ago.

Well travelled, love holidays and playing Battlefront with Jack on PS4.

Proud of fyne fish, how passionate and friendly our business is. The team we have, all our customers, and those who have lifted us to where we are today !

Thank you !

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Julie Denton our wonderful Shop Manager at Cockermouth.

Julie joined the Fyne fish team 4 years ago in March.

She clearly had no idea what she was letting herself in for, as she has been thrown in the deep-end big style on more than one occasion !

Initially, believe it or not she was simply going to be our new Saturday girl ! Working full time Mon-Friday elsewhere and just wanted something a bit different to do on a Saturday.

A passionate foodie, who enjoys only the best of New Zealand’s wine. A friend of our Fisherman, she popped her head round our old shop door and introduced herself !

I think Julie managed two Saturdays before Phillip Cranston called us about joining Cranstons.

This took me out of Cockermouth shop, and with our current key member of the team on long term sick, I needed to replace myself ! Fast. …. Julie fitted the bill …. Perfectly!

Her passion, love and commitment to the business is unquestionable. She drives me mad with her attention to detail ! ( I know how my girls feel now ) she talks the legs of a hind donkey ! And loves her food ! … nobody could have filled my boots better !

So kind, thoughtful, ….shit at getting jokes ! So innocent, a little OCD, yet a beautiful, funny personality, that will do anything for anyone.

Within 2 months of Julie being physically pressured (?) to joining us full time …. We moved shops across Station street to our current site. Julie took the lead and had a huge part to play in making our new Shop what it is today !

….. then Covid hit !

OMG! Who would have thought !

I had the very brief thought of having to furlough our team, not sure what was gonna happen ! Then it happened ! Our feet have not touched the floor since.

Julie has family members who are vulnerable. She cannot physically wear a mask due to a serious sight condition. Hey… deep-end…. again !

Reorganising the shop, how we physically traded from the shop, home deliveries to sort, staff morale to care for, personal stress…….. well who else would have just taken the lead ?

Julie was made shop manager at the start of covid. We were under enormous pressure and well here we are !

Almost 2 years later. Julie kills the job !

…. What a replacement ! We couldn’t of wished for more !

Thank you Julie ! You are amazing !


Mandy Courtier is our longest standing member of the team.

Joining us almost 7 years ago. ‘Nothing’ is a problem for Mandy, she will do anything for anyone, meaning her current position as ‘Assistant Shop Manager @ our Cockermouth shop is one that is thoroughly deserved.

Mandy is camera shy ! Hence why there is no montage of pictures. Beautiful inside and out… I am so jealous of her baby face complexion.

Mandy lives with her husband John and daughter Karen in Cockermouth. Previously Management at Menzies newspaper shop in days gone by (now One Stop) Mandy’s people person and admin skills are second to none.

At the onset of covid, Mandy took on running our Home delivery Service. Taking all orders, sorting and putting together all the orders and liaising with our delivery driver who had no sense of direction what’s so ever ! …. (Our very own top man, John.) A challenge I would have even given up on !

With such precision to detail and pure perfectionism, Mandy sorted every phone order and now is our very own shop secretary !

We couldn’t have got through without her.

Mandy is a ‘Mini’ (car) fanatic, enjoys reading, wine and shopping. There’s not much about the running of fyne fish on a day to day basis that Mandy couldn’t cope with. Not brimming with self confidence…. but brimming with natural niceness, integrity and honesty.

A quirky personality, quick sense of humour, and the best of company. Mandy just deals and gets on with anything…. ‘No problem’ !

Mandy has coped with two shop moves, a change over of team members, 6 or 7 Christmases and Easters, covid, and giving John driving directions on a weekly basis. She deserves a medal.

An absolute pleasure to employ.

Thanks Amanda Courtier x


Jane Edmond. Fyne fish @ Cranstons .

Jane Edmond (5? Years), married to Will, who’s a real cool biker dude, who works with radars !

A mother of two, an amateur dramatic lover from Canonbie, who enjoys her countryside walks and trips away in Ralf, their beloved camper van

It’s 14 months since this wonderful person joined the Cranstons fyne fish crew. Only temporarily initially, after a fall left me with a fractured spine and a little (a lot) less mobile.

Jane has been on holiday this week…. And boy have I have missed her …. am pooped !

Jane thankfully joined us on a permanent basis and has been a gift from heaven …. No honestly.

The belly laughs, the craic, the daft way you just get along with someone and make the day fun ….

….. and of course her happy persona, fantastic work ethic and outstanding customer service!

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