• fynefish

Fresh Seaweed Products Arriving Soon !

Fyne fish ( Cockermouth ) are proud to be launching the sale of the Bord a Bord Seaweed Brand. The fully certified, fresh edible seaweeds are harvested in the English Channel (albeit on the Frenchside). Seaweeds can be used as an ingredient in fish soups, artisan breads, potato crisps or even herbal teas, chopped up in a sauce for added flavour, used in a stuffing mixture, in a terrine or simply in a salad alongside some wonderful fresh scallops. Seaweed is a versatile and largely underrated product which is tremendously healthy as part of any balanced diet and thought of as a true delicacy in many countries around the world. We have fresh Ruyal Kombu, Dulse and Wakame arriving direct from France by the end of Febuary or first week in March.