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Which sauce goes with what Fish ?

Potts partnership Cooking sauces

Understandably, Some people prefer simply to season their fish, and taste the flavour of the fish itself, rather than add a sauce and risk it over powering their meal.However, fish served with the right sauce, can in fact compliment your fish, change a meal entirely, almost putting a new option on the menu.For those who make their own sauce from scratch, I take off my hat ! However for those ( like me ! ) with a hectic lifestyle, having a good quality, ready made sauce, which simply needs warming through or adding to your fish before you begin the cooking process is often the easier option.......but which sauce compliments which fish ?Dill is a popular choice for fish. It has a strong distinctive flavour, almost a combination of fennel, anise, and celery. A dill sauce would suit salmon, prawns, cod, halibut, and trout. You could also add fresh lemon or mustard to the sauce to give it that extra flavour.Tarragon has almost a minty liquorice flavour, and is often served with lemon sole, salmon, halibut, sea bass, cod or seared scollops. Again you you can easily add lemon for that extra zing !Sorrel is extremely popular with the French. It has a distinct lemon flavour so is a prefect choice with most seafood. Try it especially with Dover sole, trout, hake, mackerel or scollops.Lemon butter sauce originates from Germany, and remains popular served over trout. Yes it's only lemon and butter, simple but delicious. It suits any white fish, flounder, snapper or lobsterHollandaise and Béarnaise sauce are once again a French invention. Béarnaise is simply a Hollandaise sauce with added shallots and tarragon.Hollandaise is most commonly known served with eggs Benedict. Obviously we prefer the smoked haddock version, or even better a lobster Benedict ! But try it with pan fried sole or plaice, pan seared scollops, or simply over cod served with asparagus.Béarnaise sauce suits almost any fish, but also is popular with chicken and beef.A tomato and basil sauce works well with white fish such as cod, haddock and hake but also worth trying with calamari, sea bass and even halibut ( that is if you dear put anything on halibut !)All of the above mention sauces are available @ Fyne Fish. The dill, tarragon, sorrel and lemon butter sauces are fresh sauces imported from France. They have a limited shelf life but can easily be frozen if you don't use much.Change your menu and add a different dimension to your fish dish !

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