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Prawn prices set to increase, so stock up now !

Thinking of having a beautiful prawn cocktail starter on Christmas Day this year ? Well it might just pay to stock up the freezer sooner rather than later, with prawn prices set to soar just in time for the festive season.There has become a severe worldwide shortage of both warm and cold water prawns, hence the price hike on the horizon. The shortage is a consequence of a variety of issues worldwide, but unfortunately the end result will undoubtedly see a rise in prawn prices as close to home as 11 Station Street, Cockermouth.

Cuts in cold water prawn fishing quotas in the main fishing grounds of Canada and Greenland are one of the reasons for the current shortage. The quota has declined by 95,000 ton over the past 3 years, a figure equivalent to a third of the total annual catch.This doubled with a very harsh winter which resulted in thick ice prevented trawlers being able to fish, saw an immediate shortage in early 2014.In addition there had being a much higher demand for the cold water prawn due to the shortage in warm water prawn supplies. Prawn farms in Thailand, Vietnam and China have been affected by EMS, or early mortality syndrome, resulting in limited supplies of warm water prawns, hence putting more pressure on the cold water prawn.

Shrimp Cocktail

So it might just be worth stocking up on prawns for your Christmas starter, or alternatively try something less traditional, maybe Solway Brown shrimps, crab, oak smoked salmon, local lobster or some scallops served in their shell !The thought of organising Christmas already doesn't appeal to need either but it sometimes pays to think ahead.We will do our best to keep our prawn prices competitive, but have no fear there will be plenty of alternative seafood delights for you to savour this festive season !

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