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  • Sharon Heron

First Sushi School a Huge Success!

Fyne fish launched our schedule of 'Sushi schools' with a full to capacity course held on the 1st of March at Peter Sidwells cookery school at Rheged, Penrith.

The group was a mixture of trained chefs and home cooking enthusiasts keen to learn the art of Sushi making.

The course covered the sushi rice preperation, cooking and seasoning, hosomaki rolling, futomaki rolling, soba noodle rolls, temari, nigiri and oshisushi making.

The class gutted, filleted and prepared their own fish. Learning how to cook and prepare shell on prawn for sushi rolls. The curing of both mackeral and seabass for sushi and sashimi, and finished by working on their sushi presentation skills.

We never stopped all day, apart from for a lovely fish pie lunch, and every member was loaded down with the sushi they had made during the course of the day. Having to make more than one trip to their cars inorder to take it all home for friends and family.

The next sushi course is scheduled for the 14th of June, and you can book in our shop or online @

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sushi boat pic.jpg

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