DO YOU NEED TO REDUCE YOUR SALT INTAKE ?..... but need a salty seasoning ?

April 13, 2015

Do you need to reduce your salt intake ?

Are you struggling to reduce your salt intake ? Knowing find well that salt can raise your blood pressure and the risk of coronary heart disease ! Well we may just have an alternative for you to try ! If you yearn for the taste of salt, but need to reduce your sodium intake you must give our new artisan 'Mara'seaweed shakers a try !

At Fyne fish we have been trying to introduce seaweed into your diet for sometime now. The health benefits associated with this 'super food' from the sea are well documented, with well know chefs promoting it as the next big thing !
Seaweed is said to be the most highly mineralised vegetable on earth. Even a small amount daily can boost your intake of essential minerals and vitamins such as iodine, iron and B vitamins. Seaweeds accumulate their minerals directly from the ocean and concentrate them within their plant structures. So as a food, seaweed can provide us with minerals often absent from food crops grown in our mineral depleted soils.

We have added to our range of fresh and dried seaweeds the 'Mara' range. Harvested on the east and west coasts of Scotland, they come in lovely little shaker tins, perfect to sit on anyone's dining table. Simply swop your saltshaker for a seaweed shaker, get the salty taste with 85% less sodium.

Off course it's not just for people with high blood pressure or coronary problems. Seaweed is amazing to cook with !
Tom Parker Bowles summed it up quite nicely in the Mail on Sunday's Edit magazine  ( 20th Dec 2014 ) saying

"The Japanese love nori, the Welsh lava...... but seaweed is an acquired taste. Mara seaweed though is a joy. Harvested from the Scottish coast, there are three types. Kombu (Unami, salty subtle and elegant), Shoney (salty & sweet) and dulse (soft flavoured with a sea tang). Great for accentuating flavours. Add to mushrooms, bread, dough, rice, salads or in place of salt"

Mara seaweed shaker tins with cardboard refill pouches available now at Fyne fish ! For Recipe ideas go to
Enjoy the salty taste without the sodium !




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